Monday, July 22, 2013


Dearest Third Cousin,

This post has been a long time coming, maybe a year and a half actually. This little blog we love so much has been an amazing platform and launch for so many opportunities and experiences but its time for a change. My Third Cousin is currently undergoing many changes, a change of pace, content and personnel. My third cousin, the person not the blog, will be stepping aside and in her place a new blog format will emerge, soon. Its going to be different but more in line with my current and prevailing interests in fashion, design and generally things that look great. Keep your eyes peeled for this new venture which is going to launch in the next week or so.  

Thanks to everyone who has made My Third Cousin what it is, thanks to the contributors, supporters and most of all thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read our blog. Its been a wild two and a half years but we both want to change, grow and try something a little bit different. Hope to see you there. 

In the mean time here's a collage of some outfits I like because why not:

Images from my Pinterest


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