Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Drinks.

Dearest Third Cousin,

There was a bit of a school reunion on the 23rd. What did I wear you ask..

The shorts are vintage, Jumper is from Topshop, the tights and shoes are from River Island and the belt is Penneys.

 A few pictures from the actual night. Thanks to Brid Mulrennan.

Many drinks were had and I think we can all say roll on St.Stephens night!

Your Third Cousin,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some editorial loving

Dearest Third Cousin,

Photography, retro fashion, and sunshine make me really happy! So this editorial from UK Vogue (January 2011) made me smile.

"Georgia May Jagger sickens me, she is too beautiful"
-My Third Cousin

 I love the outfits in these photos if only it were Sunny outside.Summer is definitely my favorite season and the beach my favorite place to be, sunshine or not.

Images Via: Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland.

your Third Cousin

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rock ,paper...ah i've fallen in love..

Dearest Third Cousin,

Thank you for the post on Wednesday, I think your campaign may be successful!

I have fallen in love with Rock Paper Vintage. They are an amazing online seller of great vintage clothing .However the styling of their clothing is impeccable and has been a major source of inspiration lately. I have been swooning over their facebook pictures for a rather considerable amount of time. To put it simply I WANT please <3

"Retro at its modern best! I concur"
-My Third Cousin

I have now added all of the above to my wish list, however they have been sold. So I shall be on the hunt in Cork (as soon as I am free from the shackles of study) for some clothing similar to that featured above. Hello turban and sequins!

Rock Paper Vintage you may be the reason for my exam repeats but at least you have my heart and have I inspiration.

Images Via, Rock Paper Vintage

Your Third Cousin

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My two Cents!

Dearest Sarah, Internet, anyone who stumbles upon this,

Due to College and college related assignments, exams etc Sarah has not been able to blog lately. So she has let me (the Third Cousin) loose on the blog.
I may start a campaign to make this a more regular occurrence. Its quiet exciting!!
Seeing as this is primarily a Fashion blog this is what I have been eyeing up lately.

Wear it short, wear it loud and have too much fun!!

Oh so much FUN!!!!!

Images Via:

The Third Cousin,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virtual Window Shopping

Dearest Third Cousin,

Just wanted to post some pretty things I found on ASOS. I love the colour and the shape of the dress and those boots are the ones I have been dreaming of. Hurray to finding them!

"When all else fails a pretty dress won't"
-My Third Cousin

Images Via: ASOS

Your third Cousin