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Poison Moon

Dearest Third Cousin,

A few months ago I got a chance to interview Sarah from Poison Moon. Read on to learn about a new shopping experience. 

Where did the Urge to Create Poison Moon come from?

I think the urge to create Poison Moon came from us wanting to create a place where we'd actually shop ourselves. We felt that in Cork there are a lot of Great Vintage shops and Vintage inspired clothing but we thought there was a market for something with a more modern aesthetic. We thought a cheaper alternative was needed for purchasing on -trend clothes in the recession; as high-street stores are expensive and Vintage can sometimes be over-priced. Charity Shopping has increased in popularity greatly but not everyone has the confidence to buy items second-hand and know that they will look fashionable. We do the looking for people and try to buy creatively and find unexpected things to style in a new way. Basically we wanted to create a balance between the two; second-hand clothes that avoided the cliché vintage label to give something modern and affordable.

Can you tell us a bit about Poison Moon’s background?

Poison Moon started in October when three of us decided to put our creative energies and eye for Fashion into selling unique items of clothing.  We decided to create an online page to promote the clothes and Poison Moon’s Aesthetic.

How would you describe Poison Moon’s style/aesthetic?

The clothes we stock are more or less based on the kind of styles we wear ourselves, mostly focusing on street style and anything unusual or eclectic. We wanted to include modern pre-owned finds as well as vintage pieces to show how they could be worn together. We created a Facebook page to advertise stock but also to show how individual items could be styled. We all have different styles and aim to find clothing which will work with varied looks, not just our own. For me the name ‘Poison Moon’ evokes a kind of dark and interesting image which I think we try to reflect in the choice of clothing. Poison Moon tries to choose unique items and create looks with a bit of an edge, but not in a way that appears overly-quirky or tries too hard. We aim to choose clothes which are sophisticated but not boring. The emphasis of Vintage can sometimes be on recreating the look of a particular decade, where we like the idea of mixing and matching items to create a fresh and personal look.

Where does Poison Moon source/buy your clothing from?

All of us running Poison Moon are very much into fashion, so when we first started we sourced the majority of our stock from our own wardrobes and customised a bit, adding a new twist to previously loved clothes . More recently we've moved into purchasing stock in charity shops and a few online distributors. While we enjoy troving the Charity shops and have our eyes constantly peeled for interesting finds or hidden gems, we appreciate that not everyone might have the time or patience to do so!

What would be Poison Moon’s price range?

We aimed to make the clothes quite affordable, we feel that value is a defining factor for Poison Moon and want to emphasize the fact that you don’t have to pay a lot to have a cool or interesting look. Naturally we charge more for authentic Vintage items but it is still cheaper compared to other outlets. Poison Moon came from our experience of overpriced High street companies and shops and we'd like to keep our prices in line with how much we feel we'd pay ourselves.  Most of our stock is between 4- 25, with coats being more expensive and accessories cheaper.

What’s next for Poison Moon?

Poison Moon has been a bit quiet the past few weeks but will be starting up again this New Year with more sales and some great new stock. The first Photo-shoot we did featuring our clothing was successful, so hopefully there will be more on the horizon!  We will be at the Pavilion Bar Boot Sale  and you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive updates on our latest stock.

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