Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kenzo's all seeing eye

Dearest Third Cousin.

Kenzo is a commercial giant. Since Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took over the brand in 2011, the duo have elevated the Kenzo brand into a commercial behemoth. They are also the founders of Opening Ceremony and have used their experience to create clothing that is not only highly wearable but ahead of the curve. By doing so they create trends that are impossible to ignore. Their Tiger face logo Jumpers have flooded street style blogs and become a retailers dream, 20,000 units have been sold with a consistent waiting list. In an industry driven by trends, beauty and sales this duo have re-created the brand as a leader in all three categories. They have created covetable, stunning and afordable-ish (they lowered the brand's price-point) clothing. 

Their recent AW '13 collection continues in this vein.  They were inspired by the Kenzo archive, specifically, grosgrain dresses from the 70's. They have produced a collection that will have a huge internet, street and editorial presence. The  eye print, like many of their prints and their collections in general, includes a reference to the brand's tradition but plays with it and presents us with something fresh, fun and covetable. Personally I think the eye print, which dominated the collection, may well be 'the print of the season'. The eye motif was adopted as a protective symbol to ward off evil spirits. I hope to see it in many editorials, it would be at the top of my list of pieces to style, if I had the opportunity. You want to wear beautiful tailoring, sumptuous sweaters, clunky heels and skinny pants anyway but add a protective and instantly recognisable print and you have a hit, or four. Simply, you want to wear Kenzo. It infiltrates your mind and filters into the high street.  

So your probably thinking, I have an 'eye' t-shirt, necklace or ring and yes they are available and have been a bit of a trend but I haven't been able to find many eye print, jackets, coats, pants or shoes. However I predict their will be an explosion of the print very soon and it wont be limited the jewellery, t-shirts or jumpers. 

This first collage is some inspiration photos that are too good to leave out. If any one knows where the necklace, or something like it, in the first collage below, is available please let me know.

There really is a huge assortment of 'eye' jewellery available on-line. All the pieces below are available from either Asos, Ebay or Romwe. I may be adding to my jewellery collection very soon. These are a few of my favorites. 



  1. I loooove Kenzo! That was a good read! :)


  2. I love this! I've been meaning to check out Kenzo for awhile now. Great post :)


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