Sunday, November 28, 2010

Muted Hues on a Snowy day.

Dearest Third Cousin,

So heres a little outfit post/collage, its inspired by some photos I found of Aunty Aisling, camel and navy really are her go to colours.

Love ,
Your Third Cousin

A group effort...

My third Cousin and I are very excited to have been Tagged by the Licentiate (  in an “I love your Blog ” interview post ,after a mere few weeks of blogging so,

 These are our answers:

Why did you create your blog?

Sarah: I was playing with the idea of starting a blog for such a long time but could never come up with a name.I also wanted something a little bit different from other blogs I had been reading. When I got back in contact with my third cousin at a family reunion and we discovered our mutual interest in fashion the name and idea for the blog just struck me!

Third Cousin: Whatever she says don’t believe her it was all me, I am the mastermind behind this. Ha Sarah is that even your real name she lies........alot.

What kind of blogs do you follow?

Sarah: Its mainly fashion blogs, however I do regularly read beauty and personal blogs. I love blogs where the blogger gets across their unique point of view and style, whether that is by using pictures or text. Basically I love blogs that are true to the person behind them and have a distinct voice. Also celebrity blogs are a guilty pleasure. Hello Perez.

Third Cousin: I love Perez “Sarah”. I like looking at blogs that feature people with fabulous wardrobes. Facehunter and the Clothes Horse are Favourites.

Sarah: uhh good choices, I really can’t narrow it down so I won’t name names.

Favourite make-up brand?

Sarah: ahhh good question...let me think

Third Cousin: Mac.

Sarah: Rimmel liquid eyeliner and Mac eyebrow pencil everything else I switch around.

Favourite clothing brand?

Sarah: Most of what I have bought in the past year has been vintage or from little independent shops. On the high street Topshop and H&M have been favourites lately. Designer Labels: Rodarte, Vivienne Westwood and Prada. I really do love women designers.

Third Cousin: I have to confess I’m not that into vintage, I love American Apparel and Zara. Designer stuff: Chanel and Alexander Wang.

Your indispensible make-up product?

Sarah: MAC eyebrow pencil, and liquid eyeliner.

Third Cousin: MAC Russian Red lipstick and Simple Moisturiser.

Sarah: same on the simple stuff and Vaseline.

Both: Sorry can’t pick just one.

Your favourite colour?

Sarah : Red

Third Cousin: Cobalt Blue.

Your perfume?

Sarah: Daisy , Marc Jacobs.

Third Cousin: Chanel No.5 I like to pretend I’m Coco sometimes.

Your favourite film?

Sarah: I have to admit I’m far from a film expert but I do really enjoy watching the Blues Brothers and Seven.

Third Cousin: Thelma and Louise for THAT scene with Mr Pitt

Sarah: ah there seems to be a Brad Pitt theme going on here hurray!

What country would you like to visit and why?

Sarah: England I want to visit my sister-like best friend who moved away a few months ago. She is also situated near London. Did someone say shopping trip??

My third Cousin: I have spent the Last few years travelling and would love to return to India the colours, sights and sounds are forever with me.

Write the last question and answer it yourself

Boxers or Briefs?


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dress up dream # 4

Dearest Third Cousin,

I've stumbled upon these photos of the one and only James Franco posing for Candy magazine shot by Terry Richardson.They have really got me thinking about androgyny and masculine/feminine dressing.

Both Franco and Richardson are known for pushing boundaries in their respected fields and I love how androgynous dressing pushes gender boundaries. The feeling I get from these photos  its the same feeling I get when I button up a shirt the entire way or wear any typical masculine piece of clothing, its a lot of fun and quiet a daring look that often lets a second glance or two. Its one that does require a certain attitude and a nice bit of confidence.

I love the play on gender all these ladies are showcasing. Each image shows a diferent repsonse and variation on a theme. I love how a subtle detail can transform an outfit and while franco is quiet literal in his response I think a single masculine item can transform the aesthetic of an outfit and the mind of the person wearing it.

Images Via:Refinery 29 and lookbook

Your Third Cousin

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saturday Night Dress up!

Dearest Third Cousin,

Some photos of what I wore last Saturday night, nothing like a few drinks and a boogie with your friends.
I'd like to think of this outfit post as a little prelude to the party season dress up opportunities that are waiting for us!

Your Third Cousin

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dress Up Dream Christmas#1

Dearest Third Cousin,

So the annual Christmas family gathering is aproaching, and Grannies Christmas Jumpers are nearly ready for us to wear.I would like to direct your attention to this wonderful take on the Christmas jumper by Rock Paper Vintage.

This pink beauty is part of their current give away, just like or comment or their facebook page for a chance to win (!/pages/Rock-Paper-Vintage/50989402311)

Perhaps we should show these to Grannie as inspiration for the next festive season!

All images Via: Rock Paper Vintage

Your Third Cousin

Friday, November 19, 2010

Look # 1 winter time warmth

Dearest Third Cousin,Thanks for sending the photos of this cosy day look,
Loving the cable knit, via TK maxx.

Your Third Cousin

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kings of Leon - Slow Night, So Long

After narrowly missing tickets for their Slane gig, my Third Cousin and I would like to mourn the loss as such please enjoy :D

Peace and Love,
My Third Cousin

Friday, November 5, 2010

An Explanation..(introduction)

My third Cousin was an idea born out of a series of intellectual meetings (please read this as night outs which may or may not have involved a drink or two).These meetings produced an idea for a blog which aims to offer a quirky and interesting debate on fashion mainly ,with some art and music added to the mix from time to time.The twist however is many posts will be in response to "my third cousin" ,she really is an opinionated character. We agree most of the time however lively discussions about the topics mentioned above will ensue. This will be a sartorial war of sorts which i hope you enjoy reading about.

Image Via: We Heart It

Peace & Love
My third Cousin