Sunday, November 28, 2010

A group effort...

My third Cousin and I are very excited to have been Tagged by the Licentiate (  in an “I love your Blog ” interview post ,after a mere few weeks of blogging so,

 These are our answers:

Why did you create your blog?

Sarah: I was playing with the idea of starting a blog for such a long time but could never come up with a name.I also wanted something a little bit different from other blogs I had been reading. When I got back in contact with my third cousin at a family reunion and we discovered our mutual interest in fashion the name and idea for the blog just struck me!

Third Cousin: Whatever she says don’t believe her it was all me, I am the mastermind behind this. Ha Sarah is that even your real name she lies........alot.

What kind of blogs do you follow?

Sarah: Its mainly fashion blogs, however I do regularly read beauty and personal blogs. I love blogs where the blogger gets across their unique point of view and style, whether that is by using pictures or text. Basically I love blogs that are true to the person behind them and have a distinct voice. Also celebrity blogs are a guilty pleasure. Hello Perez.

Third Cousin: I love Perez “Sarah”. I like looking at blogs that feature people with fabulous wardrobes. Facehunter and the Clothes Horse are Favourites.

Sarah: uhh good choices, I really can’t narrow it down so I won’t name names.

Favourite make-up brand?

Sarah: ahhh good question...let me think

Third Cousin: Mac.

Sarah: Rimmel liquid eyeliner and Mac eyebrow pencil everything else I switch around.

Favourite clothing brand?

Sarah: Most of what I have bought in the past year has been vintage or from little independent shops. On the high street Topshop and H&M have been favourites lately. Designer Labels: Rodarte, Vivienne Westwood and Prada. I really do love women designers.

Third Cousin: I have to confess I’m not that into vintage, I love American Apparel and Zara. Designer stuff: Chanel and Alexander Wang.

Your indispensible make-up product?

Sarah: MAC eyebrow pencil, and liquid eyeliner.

Third Cousin: MAC Russian Red lipstick and Simple Moisturiser.

Sarah: same on the simple stuff and Vaseline.

Both: Sorry can’t pick just one.

Your favourite colour?

Sarah : Red

Third Cousin: Cobalt Blue.

Your perfume?

Sarah: Daisy , Marc Jacobs.

Third Cousin: Chanel No.5 I like to pretend I’m Coco sometimes.

Your favourite film?

Sarah: I have to admit I’m far from a film expert but I do really enjoy watching the Blues Brothers and Seven.

Third Cousin: Thelma and Louise for THAT scene with Mr Pitt

Sarah: ah there seems to be a Brad Pitt theme going on here hurray!

What country would you like to visit and why?

Sarah: England I want to visit my sister-like best friend who moved away a few months ago. She is also situated near London. Did someone say shopping trip??

My third Cousin: I have spent the Last few years travelling and would love to return to India the colours, sights and sounds are forever with me.

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  1. Great interview! I've been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and India was hands down my absolute favorite place.

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