Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dress up dream # 4

Dearest Third Cousin,

I've stumbled upon these photos of the one and only James Franco posing for Candy magazine shot by Terry Richardson.They have really got me thinking about androgyny and masculine/feminine dressing.

Both Franco and Richardson are known for pushing boundaries in their respected fields and I love how androgynous dressing pushes gender boundaries. The feeling I get from these photos  its the same feeling I get when I button up a shirt the entire way or wear any typical masculine piece of clothing, its a lot of fun and quiet a daring look that often lets a second glance or two. Its one that does require a certain attitude and a nice bit of confidence.

I love the play on gender all these ladies are showcasing. Each image shows a diferent repsonse and variation on a theme. I love how a subtle detail can transform an outfit and while franco is quiet literal in his response I think a single masculine item can transform the aesthetic of an outfit and the mind of the person wearing it.

Images Via:Refinery 29 and lookbook

Your Third Cousin


  1. oh I'm a big fan of Richardson's work

  2. I love the pictures::::)))



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