Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ugly Shoes

Dearest Third Cousin,

I won't lie I'm (very) into ugly shoes right now; shoes so bad you know they're made for you. Shoes made to fill the void that only a great pair of shoes can fill. Let me introduce you to my weakness, beautifully ugly furry slippers, they're Celine, so you know on the list of things I like but can't have. Below I have pulled together a few more affordable options.

All shoes above are from, Asos, Zara or Topshop and all around 50-100 euro.
Oh, and you might be thinking that these are Summer only shoes, well there my friend you are wrong, come Winter time that's when things heat up and its time to go double ugly, yes I'm talking about socks and sandals, particularly with the more minimalist styles. Soo good.

Images from: stopitrightnow , katelovesme, zara, asos and topshop



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