Friday, October 12, 2012

Music and Style: Lianne La Havas

Dearest Third Cousin,

Lianne Le Havas’ music is haunting, magical and emotional. Her debut album "Is your love big enough?"  cuts deep but her distinctive voice softens the blow. Her lyrics are raw emotion she has said she wants to “say what you need to say without saying too much” [sic]. There is a restraint to her music, this is not a blatant fuck you but a subtle tale of intense heartbreak, and it is stunningly subtle. It seeps into your consciousness and knocks you out with lyrics like:

 “you broke me, and taught me to truly hate myself” 
-Lost and Found

Not all her songs are as devastating as Lost and Found and Au Cinema has an amazing beat and riff that could be the foundation for an awesome boogie. Its a tale of hope and new beginnings and is a welcome relief from the themes of heartbreak. 

"She's found on the Brooklyn Bridge
And She's Truly at, home
Her step has found a whole new spring"
- Au Cinema

Whats her style like you ask?
Its Basically everything I love, print, high-waist, layering, texture, a little bit bohemian, a lot badass and a good healthy mix of masculine and feminine.
 Does it get any better?
In my opinion:
Not much.

"I adore her fondness for a collar"
-My Third Cousin

If she doesn't win the Mercury Prize this year I will be very sad but the competition is step with other heavyweight competitors such as Richard Hawley, Field Music, Ben Howard,Jessie Ware, Plan B, Django Django and more besides. 

She also plays Dublin's Olympia Theater on March 5th (it's rescheduled from her October 15th date).


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