Tuesday, July 31, 2012

24 hour Dress up..

Dearest Third Cousin,

Recently I embarked on a 24 hour adventure, I was locked into a little art studio with 11 other people, these are some of the outfits I pulled out during the experience.

Jacket, Miss Daisy Blue, Shirt, H&M, Jeans, TK Maxx, Shoes, Nike

Top, Penneys/Primark, Trousers, Motel Rocks

Jacket, Trifted, Jumpsuit, Cotton Face Vintage.

Top, Penneys, Skirt, ASOS Marketplace

Socks, Topshop, Shoes, Nike

There are a few more photos that document my experience but I'll have to show you those in person as they may not be suitable for the internet. I have to say it was an experience I'll never forget but one I may not want to repeat. Hope your having a great Summer. 

Ps. New season new beginnings, Autumn starts tomorrow, it's time for an overhaul and a fresh start.  With that said this amazing article is well worth a read.

"Are you more loyal to your fears than your dreams?”
-Tara Sophia Mohr



  1. i can be more loyal to my fears but ive been trying to work on it! i suppose we're just brought up to be fearful and to believe that taking risks ask for trouble!!these photos are lovely hun! great post!!! i have a new post up about cheap online shopping, would love to know what you think! thanks x

  2. its and interesting question isn't it and I always thing the biggest risk = the biggest reward! thanks so much for your comment xx

  3. AUTUMN?!?!?!?! THANKS FOR RUINING MY DAY! Gutted. But your outfits did cheer me up a little, so swings n roundabouts I guess! :)

  4. Sorry Lorna! thanks so much for the comment xx


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