Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honorable mention!

Dearest Third Cousin,

"My Third Cousin is an artistic running commentary between two people about style, art, music, and anything else that matters. This is a free-spirited, inspiring Internet nook." Can you believe someone wrote something so nice about us! EEEKKK this has resulted in the "I am currently jumping up and down on the spot" kind of  excitement!

"So unbelievably flattered! I think really summed up our little blog so well!"
-my Third Cousin

I agree! I'm literally smiling from ear to ear!. So excited to be featured in the editors picks of Unforgettable blogs for May! Also please check out my answers to the questions asked in the post! Its an insight into my views on my personal style!

Thank you so much shopaholic!

Your Third Cousin


  1. Ooh new header! With this post, it's a Debbie Harry-ganza. Ok, that was a stupid pun. I apologise.

  2. Congrats, I really like your blog. Always nice to see fellow Irish bloggers getting a nice mention x

  3. congrats on the feature! totally deserved !

    Claire :)


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