Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kreativ Blogger

Dearest Third Cousin,

The Lovely Blau Von T of  Blaubushka tagged us in a Kreativ blogger award post. I've been really enjoying these posts on other blogs so I'm very excited to do my own.So I've nominated 10 bloggers that I hope haven't been alreay nominated, apologies if you were and written 10 things about me you may not know! Lets see how good of a cousin you really are!Thanks so much Blau!

The Bloggers

Margaret of 4ngsquared2
Becky of Beckydazzler
Dawn of Skinnipeach
Lou and Una of glamrocks
Aisling of thinkwhatyoulike
Magatha-May of magatha-may
Dominika of fashionphilosophy

10 Things

1. Technology hates me. It's really is a bother when I want to blog.
2. My mom recently asked me "so Sarah what's a blog?". She still hasn't quiet gasped it. I now know where my technological problems stem from. 
3. I try my best to buy vintage or clothing from local shops.
4. My efforts aren't always successful.
5. My best friend Ais is coming home from Luton on Saturday and I'm very excitied!
6.I'm studying Art history and History in UCC.I'm originally from Kerry, Tralee to be exact!
7. I only realised how much I love getting dressed when a former music teacher told me that I was one of two students she thought had a "way of putting an outfit together."
8. I owe this music teacher a lot, she was so encouraging and I really must thank her properly.
9. Needless to say the realisation mentioned above led to this blog and aspirations to pursue a career in fashion/media styling.
10. However I do believe that life has a way of working things out so that career mentioned in no.9 may turn into something completely different and unexpected I tend to go with the flow and it has worked out really well for me so far!

Your Third Cousin,


  1. thank you for the nomination - keep your eyes peeled on Saturday for my post

  2. Aww so nice of your music teacher :-)
    Interesting how someone's suggestion can turn our lives around!

  3. Ah nice to get to know you better! Also fans of the go with the flow mantra.


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