Friday, February 4, 2011

Turquoise Flamingo Launch

Dearest Third Cousin,

Turquoise Flamingo Corks newest vintage boutique had its official launch yesterday (Thursday the 3th). This little shop on Washington St (the old Plugd) is a GEM. The stock as you can see from the photos above is eclectic, varied and oh so desirable. I can say beyond any doubt I am coveting more than a few items. There really is something for everyone and importantly with vintage every size. The brains behind the operation Cathy is without fail one of the nicest and innovative shop owners in town. She is brimming with ideas for fun in-store nights, that I'm very excited about .I love that she wants the shop to be a place where people can hang out and enjoy themselves! The night was a great success with the shop packed, the champagne flowing, the cupcakes steadily vanishing and the music live! I will be back to snap up some beautiful garments asap.

Ps. You may remember I bought a fabulous black turban from Turquoise Flamingo a few weeks ago. Well I'm very sad to report it got stolen on a night out, that turban may be no more but now I have room in my wardrobe for some of the beautiful head wear featured above!

"Oh no I herd you cried when you realised that lil Turbsy (that's the nickname I came up with for her) went missing/presumed stolen."
-My Third Cousin

Oh and Cathy has a style blog and an online shop so if your not able to get to the real life version you don't have to miss out. However I think its about time you paid me a visit it been a while since the family reunion , your little quips just wont cut it anymore!

Your Third Cousin


  1. Some lovely pieces there! Now if I can just get over my fear of used clothes....

  2. It got stolen?! How awful! Good excuse to buy more things though.. ;-)

  3. Such a fun launch :) can't wait for all those instore nights she was talking about!

    *still lovin' yo eyeliner :P*

  4. Oooooh it looks so lovely, spotted some beautiful blouses, which I am currently hunting for. Will definitely visit next time I'm in Cork, thank you for enlightening me!

  5. Looks great! I spot a very pretty bike in the first pic!! x


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