Friday, January 28, 2011

A little sunny inspiration

Dearest Third Cousin,

 Swim suits have been on my mind lately. I want one please, preferably vintage inspired or with some interesting detail. However I do not want to swim in one. I want to wear it like a top exploiting the gorgeous prints, strap details and interesting neck lines they provide. Hatlerneck, thick straps, floral print, animal print, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, polka dots, cutsey, sexy. I want it all, with a pair of denim shorts. Just like this:

"yes please, however I imagine this will prove as difficult to maneuver in the bathroom as a playsuit. Nakedness it is while peeing anyway"
-My Third Cousin

Images Via: We heart It

Your Third Cousin

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  1. this is so delicious..oh how i wish the sun would come out to play now x


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