Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rock ,paper...ah i've fallen in love..

Dearest Third Cousin,

Thank you for the post on Wednesday, I think your campaign may be successful!

I have fallen in love with Rock Paper Vintage. They are an amazing online seller of great vintage clothing .However the styling of their clothing is impeccable and has been a major source of inspiration lately. I have been swooning over their facebook pictures for a rather considerable amount of time. To put it simply I WANT please <3

"Retro at its modern best! I concur"
-My Third Cousin

I have now added all of the above to my wish list, however they have been sold. So I shall be on the hunt in Cork (as soon as I am free from the shackles of study) for some clothing similar to that featured above. Hello turban and sequins!

Rock Paper Vintage you may be the reason for my exam repeats but at least you have my heart and have I inspiration.

Images Via, Rock Paper Vintage

Your Third Cousin


  1. Fierce! They are all beautiful. Vintage is so hit and miss, but these are all winners. Love the post!


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